Terms And Conditions

The most important part of your mining claim is the actual mining claim documentation and location. Other sellers may have the best of intentions, but they often get it wrong. This results in you, as a customer, not getting what you paid for. Gold And Mineral Mines of Montana LLC has been documenting, writing and transferring mining claims for over a decade. We know what we are doing.Gold And Mineral Mines of Montana LLC guarantees that all mining claims have been written correctly and accurately. It has been physically staked. Gold And Mineral Mines of Montana LLC guarantees this mining claim to be exactly as described and pictured. Please view all images and read complete claim description. We spend a lot of time and effort to accurately document all aspects of each mining claim.
If there is found to be any inaccuracy or other issues that could impact your claim, Gold And Mineral Mines of Montana LLC will amend or modify and record any documents as necessary at no cost to the buyer.
This guarantee is not any type of guarantee of mineral content, reserves or future earnings. Assay reports, reserves, and mineral values are provided as they have been recorded by external parties, and state and local mining reports. Historical records and production are provided for information only. Gold And Mineral Mines of Montana LLC strongly advises all potential claim owners to educate themselves about mining claims. Please be fully aware of what is conveyed with this mineral claim.
If you have any questions about mining claims, or our listed properties please give us a call or email us. Our office is open M - F, 1 pm - 5 pm MST.
We research and locate valuable mines and claims. In our research we determine the potential of the mine and then survey the site on the ground to determine if there is a valuable mineral that can be mined. Our goal is to sell only mines that have gold, silver or other valuable minerals. Our research is based on documented and verified history. This helps us completely and accurately locate and describe the claims. It is also an advantage for you giving you the information to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of one of our valuable mining claims. The historical and geological information helps the buyers know where to find the minerals on the claim and how to extract it.
The old timer's never could get all the gold and other minerals. There is as much and more still out there than those old timers recovered. For instance in one area of Montana it is conservatively estimated by geologists that the old timers only mined 7% of the gold. They took out over $12 million dollars in that area and because they heard of other strikes they packed up and left just to find out when they got to the new strike they should have stayed where they were! If $12 million is only 7% of the gold in that area there is still over $13 billion in gold in the placer deposits in the area. The first pan showed colors from the surface material when we tested the ground. Some places are that easy and have that much gold still there.
If you are familiar with the TV show Gold Rush or Yukon Gold, those guys are mining ground that only has about 1 oz. of gold per one hundred cubic yards of material. Some of the ground in the claims we are selling have five times that amount or more. How do we know this? One of our founders has mined in the Yukon Territory of Canada just south of where those TV shows are filmed. He knows the ground up north and has tested, mined the ground on the claims we sell. In other words, you aren't buying claims from some guy who has never mined in his life and doesn't know the first thing about it. You are buying from people that actually mine and have owned mining claims for decades.


What is being sold:

The purchase is for all interest in the mining claim(s). The claim(s) have been examined and documented by professional mineral claim field surveyors. This mining claim gives the owner full control of the minerals and ownership of all precious metals, minerals and gems on the claim for as long as the purchaser maintains ownership.
Ownership is maintained by an annual maintenance assessment of $165 payable to the BLM, in addition a small recording fee payable to the county where the claim is located. These fees are per claim, per year.
The annual assessment fees for this year have been paid to the BLM and county. No fees are needed until Sept. 1st of next year.
The sale of these claims and the information contained does not guarantee or imply any values, assays or future earnings. Gold And Mineral Mines of Montana LLC makes no guarantees, either written or implied of any past, present or future value or mineral content.
The sale of these claims does not account for any land or access issues that may arise.


Gold And Mineral Mines of Montana LLC accepts all legal forms of payment including Cash, Check, Money Order, Cashiers Check, Credit Cards.


For a prospective buyer to sample one of Gold And Mineral Mines of Montana LLC's mining claims we require a $250 USD non-refundable deposit per day of sampling and per mining claim.
This payment gives the potential buyer the right to sample the claim on specific day(s) within the Casual/Recreational Use rules by the surface management governing organization (USFS or BLM).
If a prospective buyer wants to 'hold' a claim off market until due diligence can be completed a 25% of the purchase price per month with a maximum of four months is required. This is a non-refundable deposit.


Most mining claims Gold And Mineral Mines of Montana LLC sells can be financed. All claims that can be financed will be noted as such on their listing.
Financing is with approved credit history. Gold And Mineral Mines of Montana LLC financing requires about 24 hours to verify and approve. Financing requires a down payment based on the sale price of the mine. We approve most applicants. We will work with you to help you get into your own mining claim with several financing options available.

Claims priced under $3,000:
- We offer 3 months same as cash, 3 equal monthly payments.


Claims priced $3,001 to $9,000:
- We offer 3 months same as cash, 3 equal monthly payments.
- We offer 6 months same as cash, 6 equal monthly payments.
- Or up to 12 months with a 35% non-refundable deposit and equal monthly payments.


Claims priced $9,001 and higher:
- We offer 3 months same as cash, 3 equal monthly payments.
- We offer 6 months same as cash, 6 equal monthly payments.
- Or up to 24 months with a 40% non-refundable deposit and equal monthly payments.


If the above terms don't work for you contact us and let's talk. It is possible we can work something out.
It is the responsibility of the buyer to make payments on time. If a payment is less than 30 days late we'll accept it but all remaining payments must be made on time. Failure to make on time payments will result in a broken agreement by the buyer and the claim will be put back on the market for sale and the money paid is non-refundable. If a payment is not made for 30 days or longer the claim will be put back on the market and all money paid by the buyer is non-refundable (This money can be used toward the purchase of another claim less any fees or expenses incurred by Gold And Mineral Mines LLC due to the delinquency of the buyer). All payments made during the financing term are non-refundable.
Until the claim is paid in full, Gold And Mineral Mines of Montana LLC retains all ownership and rights to the claim. No mining is allowed on the claim during financing. No plan of operation or permitting is allowed during the financing. When the claim is paid in full, the deed will be notarized and filed to change ownership into the buyers name. According to Montana State law the date the deed is notarized is the date the claim changes hands regardless of when the deed is recorded.
During financing the buyer may pan on the claim, but no motorized equipment is allowed. Remember until the claim is paid in full Gold And Mineral Mines of Montana LLC owns the claim and is responsible for it. Once you have paid for the claim in full you will be responsible for it and any 'damages', that the surface governing body declares, would come back on you.
There is no early payment penalty. Paying the claim off quicker saves you money and allows you to get mining faster.
Claim pricing is subject to change at any time. Start buying your claim today to lock in the price. If you wait and the price of the claim changes on our website before you start the buying process the newest price will prevail.
Gold And Mineral Mines of Montana LLC financing is offered at a rate of 11.75%. Administrative and Documentation fees can be added to the finance agreement. While under the financing contract the buyer will have full access to the claim for panning purposes. Larger operations are not allowed while under the contract. When final payment is processed, as the financing agreement states, the Quit Claim Deed will be filed and sent to the owner.

Terms and Conditions of the Sale:

This sale is for PATENTED or UNPATENTED, Federal mining claim(s). UNPATENTED Mining claims require a yearly maintenance fee of $165 per year, per claim, (or a small miner’s waiver to reduce fees) to retain ownership paid to the BLM and a small fee to the county the claim(s) are located in.
The documentation fee covers all notarizing, mailings and filings required with County and State Recorders, and filing and verification with appropriate State BLM office.
PATENTED Federal Mining claims do not require assessment fees or paperwork to be filed with either the county or BLM. However, yearly property taxes are due just as on any other real property.


The buyer will receive the following with the completed purchase of their mining claim

  • Quit Claim Deed showing the transfer of ownership of the claim. No other paperwork is required.
  • Map of where the claim is located and KML file for importing into Google Earth and Onx so you can confidently find your claim.



There is an Administration fee of $215 for every unpatented mining claim that is financed. All documentation, Payment and Purchase Agreement documents must be completed to begin the transfer of the Quit Claim. A Quit Claim can be transferred to any person or business as allowed by law.
Documentation fees cover all of the filing of paperwork in the proper counties, and BLM. The purchaser will receive a Quit Claim deed transferring all interests in the claim.

Legal Notice:

The purchase of a mining claim is for the rights and control of locatable minerals and the ability to remove the minerals on the land contained in your claim.
This claim is for a valid, federally issued Mining Claim(s).
A mining claim is not ownership of the land. It is full rights for the control and removal of locatable minerals. The BLM defines located minerals as: * Locatable minerals include both metallic minerals (gold, silver, lead, copper, zinc, nickel, etc.) and nonmetallic minerals (fluorspar, calcite, mica, certain limestone and gypsum, tantalum, heavy minerals in placer form, and gemstones).


Due to the nature of mining claims we do not offer returns in whole or in part. Deposits or down payments are subject to processing fees, documentation fees and other applicable fees. All fees are non-refundable.