Yukon Gold 30.05 Acre Unpatented Placer Gold Mining Claim
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Yukon Gold
For Sale
Operation Type : Placer Mine
Serial Number : P510655, P510208
Mining Claim Size : 31.05 Acres
Comodities : Gold, Silver, Garnets
Price : $29,995
City : Whitehorse
State : Yukon
Country : Canada
Features and Amenities

Historic Yukon Gold

30.05 Acre Placer Claim - Iron Creek - Whitehorse Mining District - Yukon, Canada

Presenting the Historic Iron Creek Placer Mining Claim for sale, a 30.05 Acre Unpatented Placer Mining Claim. The claim is located just outside of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. P510665, P510208

This is a very remote Yukon gold mine. The Iron Creek Placer Gold Claims offer impressive mining opportunities. An extensive amount of gravel bars as well as the natural streambed support productive gold recovery. The claim is suited for most types of gold mining activities from panning, sluicing and high-banking to metal detecting, dowsing, dredging and more. Iron Creek which runs through the middle of the claim provides plenty of year round water for all your mining needs. During surveying gold was easily found in the material by panning. The claim boasts good access and does get visitors driving through on the road but not near the creek. The claim was originally surveyed and sampled for rich, free gold deposits in the gravels.

We estimate the creek bed to be over 600 feet on this claim and there is water year round. It is likely there is some native silver and possibly some relics to be found on the claim but the primary commodity will be gold. The road to the claim is accessible from May through snowfall, normally late October. Iron Creek runs for several miles through wilderness, down thropugh a narrow valley of Glacial Till containing gold and eventually flows into Sydney Creek. During surveying gold was easily found by panning in the creek and from the benches. This is not a claim to pass up!

There are almost no visitors but there are neighboring miners that work their claims regularly. We will find the miners to be very friendly and helpful. The claims were mined by the owner recreationally for several years where he collected chuckkly plcer gold from the creek bed and benches. The creek bed is estimated to be well over 1000' on these claims and about 15 to 20 feet wide in most places. There is plenty of year round water in the creek.

There is direct road access to this claim. This is an unpatented mining claim for sale. Mineral rights only for recreational mining. The land is public land. This is not a homestead or land for sale.

The best gold is on bedrock. Iron Creek Creek is one of the creeks in the district that was mined by hand in the early 1900's. There is still good gold in the creek, benches and on bedrock on this claim.

Overview of the Mines

The Iron Creek Mine is in an area with rich gold mining history. But as with all old mines, the old timers NEVER got it all!

The Iron Creek Mining claims are located in the southern area of the Yukon Territory in the Whitehorse mining district near the capitol of Whitehorse. This is an area with a great history of gold production in the late 1800's and early 1900's. It is once again begining to see renewed production as miners are discovering deposits that were previously overlooked.

The owners of the neighboring claims are very friendly and helpful. They have been mining at Iron creek for decades. View the pictures to see some of the gold that comse out of Iron Creek.

Many decades ago glaciers covered both Iron creek and Sydney creek bringing gold to the area. When the glaciers melted they left behind a rich gold layer. There is a layer of famous 'white channel' gravel on these claims. The white channel gravels are known to hold large deposits of gold in them. If you have seen the Gold Rush shows and heard them mention White Channel gravels then have seen the gold they recover this is the same white channel gravels they talk about and show on TV.

The benches hold this gold and the creeks and rain waters wash it down from the valley above into Iron creek each year.

If ylou have ever wanted to go north and mine, this is your opportunity. The owner of the claims has mined the creek for a few years but was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer three years ago and hasn't been able to go back. So the gold has been building up on these claims and waiting to be collected. On the upper claim there is a huge very deep plunge pool that if mined will yeild a huge payday. The owner has had plans to mine it if he ever got cured of the cancer but if the claims sell before he gets that chance the new owner would have that opportunity. Large hand sized nugget have been recovered from upstream of this plunge pool so you just know this pool holds tons of them at the bottom. Be sure to check out the images of the claims and look at how dark the plunge pool is and the shape and position of it. Nothing can get out of that pool! The boulders that block the exit are as large as a school buss!

While it is sometimes said old mines have been ‘worked out’ as the saying means there is no gold left, the truth is “it is better to say they are worked over; it is also true that the primitive methods used and the wasteful haste to get rich indulged in, left much of the gold in the ground, so that improved methods … will give even better results than those first obtained.” (MBMG Open Report 466)

Details about the Mine:

Access to the Mine You can drive a full size truck to the mine. A 4 x 4 is recommended for wet/muddy roads.
Tailing Present None. Loose gravels in the creek bed and boulders. Benches are all Glacial till holding gold.
Depth / Length Over 1000 feet of creek bed gravels. With gold bearing benches on both sides.
Minerals in the Mine Historically mined for gold. Minerals of quartz, pyrite, galena, gold, black sands with rare earth minerals and possibly diamonds would be expected.
Foot traffic at the mine Very little
Last Worked 2018
Number of Mines 1 Placer
Nearest city with amenities Whitehorse
Access to the Claim A good dirt road (Canol road) breaks off from the Alaska highway and a good dirt road breaks off from the Canol road and runs along Sydney Creek all the way to Iron Creek.
Parking and Staging on the Claim Claim is situatedso there is some room for parking of vehicles.
Resources Year round water, grasses, brush and trees
Structures on claim None

Climate / Weather

Yukon Canada Climate

Geological Information

Economic information about the deposit and operations

Operation TypePlacer
Development StatusPast Producer
Commodity typeMetallic
CommoditiesGold- Primary
Nearby Scientific DataGlacial Drfit

Mining District Information

Iron Creek Mining District Information

The Iron Creek mining district gold deposits were discovered about 1905 and the creek was staked along it's lower 3 miles. About this time the neighboring tributaries and Sydney Creek were also staked.
Work was carried on by hand and it is reported that some operators $70 to $80 per month. The best pay has been found at the base of old gravels or in streams that have cut through old gravels.
Iron creek runs south and the preservation of old gravels in it's valley is believed due to the ice movement having been impeeded by the mountains north and northwest of it.
Iron creek is accessed by the south Canol road to a logging/mining road up Sydney creek. Of particular interest in the Big Salmon mountain range are those creeks with a north south alignment. When the continental glacition took place, some of these valleys were protected by surrounding mountains from the westerly flow of ice.
Iron Creek begins in a crique and a valley glacier descended to within four and a half kilometers of it's mouth. For the most part, the gravels on Iron creek are shallow, less than five meters.
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